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Do you find your emotions fluctuate for no apparent reason? Do people call you over-sensitive? Do you find yourself crying at touching television commercials? Do you have trouble understanding the emotions you are experiencing? There’s a good chance that you’re an Empath. Empaths are individuals who feel more than sympathy or compassion for others. Empaths actually experience other people’s emotions as if they were their own. Empaths will also feel the emotions of objects, houses, land, and other inanimate things – in addition to the emotional energies emitted by the cosmos – planets, asteroids and so forth. You can imagine then, how challenging it can be to understand and navigate how you’re feeling when what you’re experiencing isn’t even your own emotion – especially if you don’t know you’re an Empath. Empaths may have a difficult time in public spaces with lots of people around. Grocery stores and shopping centers can set you off on a rollercoaster of emotions that leave you feeling scattered and confused; the couple arguing over finances at the mall, the nervous fellow applying for a job, the angst of a group of youth, or even the mother who is nurturing an unsettled baby with love and kindness. All of these emotions are energetic frequencies that emit to the surrounding environment – yourself included. Empaths feel it all – for better or worse. Want to know more? Connect with Tracy:

Dr. Tracy Kennedy is an alumnus of Brock University, with a Masters in Sociology from York University, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto. Her education in Sociology, Cultural Studies, Classics, Literature, Art & Architecture, stemmed from an early interest in people, what they are all about – as individuals and as groups, and what makes them who they are.

Tracy is an Empath, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, Published Author, Public Speaker, Spiritual Educator, and owner of The Spiritual Spa and Shiva Gian Yoga in Niagara Falls, Canada. Tracy provides insight and guidance using her Empathic Psychic skills and Mediumship abilities. She has been reaching out and teaching Empaths how to use their gifts and abilities for six years, most recently – “Essential Practices for Empaths” taught at Lily Dale Assembly, in New York  in 2017 and 2018. Tracy is currently working on a book for Empaths, gathering the threads of all her workshops, classes, and experiences as an Empath together into one publication for your healing journey. Stay tuned!

Connect with Tracy to answer your questions about what it means to be an Empath in today’s world, join a Yoga practice, schedule a reading or healing session, or have Tracy join you at a special event or home gathering.

Share your Empath story with Tracy, and be a part of her forthcoming Empath Book! You can be anonymous or not, up to you – but feel free to share your struggles, your joys, and your questions – as an Empath, with me! TK<3