Show Episodes

The Everyday Empaths Show – Season One (released Dec 22, 2020).

Advocacy& Empowerment S1E1

In this premiere episode, empaths Dr. Tracy Kennedy and Heather Fraser discuss the concept of the everyday empath. A metalhead and a techo queen share music that highlights self advocacy and the necessity of taking care in 2020.
The Everyday Empaths · Advocacy & Empowerment S1E1

Transitions S1E2

Heather and Dr. Kennedy delve into this nitty gritty inevitable thing: transitions. Listen up as these women share relevant music, talk seasonal changes, and how to be your best self in the darker times.

The Everyday Empaths · Transitions S1E2

Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy! S1E3

We just want to dance and feel good! Tracy and Heather talk pleasure, joy, and movement. Turn this episode up, y’all! Enjoy the feelz.

The Everyday Empaths · Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy! S1E3

Instrumentals S1E4

What meaning does a song create without lyrics? Find out what Dr. Kennedy and Heather discover with the power of instrumentals. Listen in as we tap into our intuition and imagination.

The Everyday Empaths · Instrumentals S1E4

Covers S1E5

Who does it better? That’s the big question on this episode as the ladies celebrate the intricacies and blunders of “the cover song”. Trust us, this one is a shocker!

The Everyday Empaths · Covers S1E5

Grief & Loss S1E6

Having a hard time? Feeling sad? Join Dr. Kennedy and Heather as they discuss grief, loss, death, and everything in between. WARNING: tissues most likely required.

The Everyday Empaths · Grief & Loss S1E6

Iconic Women S1E7

From metal goddesses to global DJs, this episode celebrates pioneer women in rock and electronic music. The hair, the pressure, the obstacles, the power of women in music!

The Everyday Empaths · Iconic Women S1E7

Wellness &Healing S1E8

Listen in as Dr. Tracy Kennedy and Heather Fraser reflect on their first season of The Everyday Empaths. They cover love, loss, freedoms, and spirituality mixed in with epic tunes. Now THIS is good listening!

The Everyday Empaths · Wellness & Healing S1E8

The Everyday Empaths Show – Season Two (released Feb 8th, 2021.)

Spirits in a Material World S2E1

Welcome to season two! Dr. Kennedy and Heather wrestle and dance with spirit. Are you religious? Spiritual? What does that mean to you? What music reflects this sense of a higher connection?

The Everyday Empaths · Spirits in a Material World S2E1

Christian Exploration S2E2

Piggybacking off of their season two premiere episode, the ladies do a deeper dive into Christian music. Can religious music soothe the masses? What role does specific language have in our enjoyment of what we hear?

The Everyday Empaths · Christian Exploration S2E2

Indigenous Canadians S2E3

In this episode, Heather and Dr. Tracy Kennedy step back from the mic and hold space for our powerful Indigenous Canadian musicians. We are listening. We feel you.

The Everyday Empaths · Indigenous Canadians S2E3

Musicals? Musicals!! S2E4

It was bound to happen eventually. “What the hell are musicals? They appear to be a play where the dialogue stops and the plot is conveyed through song.”-A Musical from Something Rotten. Join your hosts as they let musicals run amok in the studio.

The Everyday Empaths · Musicals? Musicals!! S2E4

I Feel You S2E5

Every song for the next 60 minutes has the word “feel” in its title. Get emotionally real with Tracy and Heather while they chat about all of those unfamiliar feelings.

The Everyday Empaths · I Feel You S2E5

The Breakup S2E6

When relationships end, all kinds of emotions show up. In this hour, Dr. Kennedy and Heather Fraser feel the bitterness and the loss, alongside the revenge, liberation, and ultimately the healing. These songs will help you through, no matter what stage you’re in.

The Everyday Empaths · The Breakup S2E6

The Decade-Dance S2E7

Step back in time to celebrate decades past, with the 50s, 60’s, & 70s. Dr. Tracy Kennedy and Heather chat about how music has evolved in style, vibe, and distribution, and each decade can leave you with emotional residuals – some your own and some not.

The Everyday Empaths · The Decade-Dance S2E7

That’s a Wrap-See Ya Later 2020! S2E8

Phew! It’s been a year! Tracy and Heather look back, reflect, and release pent up pandemic poo-poo about an unprecedented time. This IS our 2020 soundtrack.

The Everyday Empaths · That’s a Wrap-See Ya Later 2020! S2E8